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[15% OFF] RM17 for 1 set of Yee Sang by Tong Wah Confectionery instead of RM21 (recommended for 4 pax)

  • nicely take away Yee Sang
  • Yee Sang by Tong Wah Confectionery

  • e-Coupon is to be redeemed from January 18, 2012 until February 2, 2012
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  • Take away per coupon per pack (recommended for 4 pax)
  • 1 day reservation before collection due to stock availability on each day
  • May purchase many as gifts
  • Redeem at Tong Wah Confectionery @ Jln kampung Attap or Nice Porridge @ Sri Petaling
  • Operation hour: Monday to Sunday (EXCEPT TUESDAY, off day) 10.30am to 3.30 pm or 5.30pm to 10.30pm


[15% OFF] RM 17 for 1 set of Yee Sang by Tong wah confectionery instead of RM 21 (recommended for 4 pax)

Home cooked reunion dinner reunites the whole family members as everyone will follow the long practiced tradition to travel back to hometown and gather during the reunion dinner, but how will a family reunion meal be complete without a good set of “yee sang” during celebration of the Chinese New Year festival? Now Tong Wah confectionery is here to solve your problem as they  are offering 15% off for a nicely packed takeaway set of yee sang for just RM17  instead of RM21 ( suitable for 4 pax ).

“Yee sang” also known as prosperity toss on the other hand is a salad which consists of mixed shredded vegetables, pickles, rice crisps tossed with a variety of condiments and sauces making it so tempting with the eye striking rainbow colors that are usually served as an appetizer before the multi-dish dinner.

The takeaway yee sang set is so convenient where every family members can toss the yee sang together followed by their home cooked reunion dinner whereby friends can gather and toss the yee sang together to share the joyful moments during home visiting to each other’s house or even colleagues can also toss the yee sang together in the office to kick-start the working mood  and also to usher into the auspicious year of dragon with abundance of lucks!

Furthermore, “yee sang” is an auspicious dish which is symbolic for ushering a new year with good fortune, prosperity, abundance of good lucks, good health, good wealth and not forgetting longevity. Normally one person will volunteer to proceed in adding the ingredients such as the fish, rice crisps and sauces by saying the auspicious wishes related to the specific ingredient added. All diners will then stand up and proceed to toss the “yee sang” high up into the air with chopsticks while saying the auspicious wishes out loud at the same time. It is believed that the higher the person toss, the more prosperous and luckier the person will be! So just toss enthusiastically with Tong Wah’s yee sang.

Other than that, the yee sang is also good to be a perfect gift during house visiting sessions besides your love ones, family and friends and furthermore, it is also a meaningful gift for business associates during this Chinese New Year.

Another enhanced benefit on this deal is where there two pick up points to collect the yee sang which provides more convenience to buyers that are staying nearby the two different areas.

Tong Wah Confectionery had achieved Guinness World Record of longest Yee Sang gathering in town.


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