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57% DISCOUNT - RM129 for 1 Set USB Desktop Fish Tank Aquarium With LED Light & Clock INSTEAD of RM299 + FREE Peninsular Delivery

  • USB Power Connector
  • Multifunction penholder
  • Nature sounds
  • Multicolor interior lights
  • Adjustable overhead light
  • Under-gravel filtration system
  • Low voltage pump
  • LCD Calendar with time/date; week/temperature
  • Alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer
  • Color styles: Elegant black / Navy Blue / Pink
  • Specifications : Water Volume 1.5L
  • Dimension : 10 x 24 x 20 (cm)
  • Height : 20 (cm)

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57% DISCOUNT - RM129 for 1 Set Desktop Fish Tank Aquarium With LED Light & Clock INSTEAD of RM299 + FREE Peninsular Delivery

The USB Desktop Aquarium is great for home, dorm or office and is the perfect size for any desk. Water recirculates providing oxygen for your fish while color changing LEDs provide a captivating display. The multi-function alarm clock and desk caddy make this unique aquarium practical and fun.

(Featured deal sold is an OEM replica of product shown in video)

Anyone can put a pencil holder on a desk - why settle for that when you can have something infinitely cooler, like this USB-powered desktop aquarium. The ingenious design recirculates and aerates the water, while the integrated color changing LED lights provide a captivating display. But that's just the beginning, since this caddy also features an adjustable overhead light, LCD calendar with time, day/date and weekly temperature function, along with a working alarm clock with snooze feature and countdown timer.

It even provides soothing nature sounds if you'd like. It might be more productive than you are, but we'll keep that our little secret. Tank includes under gravel filtration system, decorative gravel and a plastic fern. Operates through USB power connector. You'll have to provide your own fish.



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