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60% DISCOUNT - RM75 (1 Adult & 1 Child) / RM91 (2 Adults & 2 Children) Admission 6-hour Conference to Discover Child's Learning & Leadership Potential Using AOL-LLPP System by Lawrence Walter Seminars

  • Listen to 2 Great Speakers & 6 Genius Students who will inspire you
  • 6 Hour Conference for Parents and Children / Teachers & Students using the AOL LLPP System
  • Guide & apply AOL-LLPP system to discover the learning and leadership potential for each children
  • Boost children with inspiration and motivation through interaction and listening to real life changing stories by 6 guest teenager speakers.
  • Personal consulation opportunity with the Co-founder, Dr Lawrence Walter Ng and Chief Learning Officer, Mr U2 Kumar.
  • Instill a set of new mindset about learning and achieving the attitude of an 'A' Star student
  • Equip parents with different communication approaches when dealing with different types of children
  • Learn the right learning environment for grooming 'A' Star students (excel in both academic and non-academic)
  • For children aged 6 - 18 years old.

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60% DISCOUNT - RM75 (1 Adult & 1 Child) / RM91 (2 Adults & 2 Children) Admission for 6-hour Conference to Discover Child's Learning & Leadership Potential Using AOL-LLPP System by Lawrence Walter Seminars

Effectively develop your child's learning and leadership potential using the latest AOL Learning & Leadership Personality Profile LWS

Join us in our coming Parent + Child Conference on 21st October 2012 (Sunday) at Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Date: 21 October 2012, Sunday
Time : 10am - 4pm
Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

Back by popular request with More Values! More than 500 parents and children had a remarkable Mothers’ Day in our recent “Developing Extraordinary Children” conference on 13th May 2012, and they have all enjoyed the session very much.

Learn about how your child study effectively using our latest advanced personality and learning profile and how you as a parent can help them to achieve high scores in exam and be successful leader as well.

The most Frequently Asked Question by parents must be, “Is genius hereditary?”

Why do we think that other kid is smarter compare to our own while comparing parents to parents, it seems we are on the same par… well, almost….
Forget about inborn geniuses, if there is anyway. But parents do have the power to develop their children’s potential. All we need to do is to do the right thing at the right time and in the correct way!

Let’s take this scenario :-

You step into your home after a hectic day and you see your son lying on the couch watching his favorite cartoon. You had given him a study schedule and he should be on his study desk instead of on the couch. Do you walk to your son and INSTRUCT him to go to his study desk immediately? 

If you do, then you are doing the right thing, maybe the right time but definitely not the correct way.

Think about this, what do you think your son may feel? Unhappy? Fear (of you)? Or worst, our usual Malaysian attitude – Tidak Apa?

It is important to learn about some new, strategic and useful parenting skills on how you should communicate effectively with your kids to enhance family bonding. And how can you help your child to excel academically? 

 How this conference can help you and your child :-

  • Parents
    • How to use another different approach to communicate effectively with your children to enhance family bonding.
    • How to motivate your child to do better / maintaining their academic standard consistently.
    • Understand your child learning and leadership potential using the latest AOL – LLPP (Learning & Leadership Personality Profile)
  • Children
    • Children will be given a set of new mindset about learning and achieving the attitude of a thinking student.
    • Have more energy and enthusiasm towards achieving the desired results.
    • To raise their level of competency towards their studies.
To be a Total “A” Star Student, one will need 4 wheels to drive him through. The 4 wheels is called “A” Star Learning System, they are Right Thinking, Right Attitude, Right Skills and Right Strategy.

About the Speakers
Dr. Lawrence Walter Ng, Chief Master Trainer, Lawrence Walter Seminars.
DrLW voted as one of Asia's best speakers is the Chief Master Trainer of Lawrence Walter Seminars. He has spoken to over 1,000,000 people across 10 countries. His unique methods of training and ideas are designed to take the participants on an exciting journey of learning experience. His bestselling book, Passion for Extraordinary Performance, is written based on his 23 years of experience in training and transforming people to Quantum Growth. 
Organizations that continually use DrLW for several years include DKSH, AmBANK, Agilent Technologies, Estee Lauder Group, Proton, Motorola etc.
DrLW personally created and conducted much iconic training like the Mental Warrior, Verbal Tai-chi, Master Sales Professional, Master Trainers Academy and Quantum Leap Performance.

Mr U2 Kumar, Chief Learning Officer of AOL and a Chartered Master Trainer of Lawrence Walter Seminars.
He is a talented and inspiring speaker. When U2 Kumar speaks, you can feel the energy and passion of his commitment to help people be their best. His dynamic presentation style and humour makes the learning enjoyable and wonderful experience. Being in the Art of Learning workshop with U2 Kumar is like being on an exciting journey of passion to learn. 

  • Yeap Hong Yuen, age 14
    • Top Cambridge ESOL Exam Scorer,
    • AOL Graduate since 2011
  • Yong Mae Wyen, age 13
    • Top Student and Leader,
    • Express Class Student,
    • AOL Graduate since 2011
  • Daniyal, age 11
    • Outstanding Student,
    • IT & Computer Savvy,
    • AOL Graduate since 2009
  • Chang Jia Wen, age 12
    • Outstanding Student,
    • Gold Medal Solo Violinist,
    • AOL Graduate since 2011
  • Chang Yeu Wen, age 13
    • Academic Outstanding Student,
    • Champion Inter-School Public Speaking,
    • AOL Graduate since 2011
  • Tan Kean Loong, age 16
    • Top Distinction Mathematic Scorer,
    • Board Director of YJC (Editorial) Club,
    • AOL Graduate since 2010





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