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[56% OFF] 1 box of Aussie Premium Slimming Green Coffee 18’s x 5gm for RM95 instead of RM220

  • Aussie Premium Green Coffee formula is a 'drug free' dietary supplement
  • Lose 2 - 4KG in 18 days (depends on individual)
  • Only RM 6.66 per cup a day
  • Serve as normal instand coffee
  • Suitable for simply obesity, post partum fat and people who wants to keep fit
  • Suitable age: 16- 65 years old


  • e-Coupon is to be redeemed from December 26, 2011 unti January 26, 2012
  • e-Coupon are non refundable and non exchangeable for other items  or other promotions
  • No replacement will be given for expired e-Coupon
  • May purchase many as gifts
  • Nationwide delivery and RM 10 postage fee for penisular RM 15 for east malaysia
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  • Arrange pick up at Star LRT Sri Petaling station (no charges) or  postage fee pay directly to Brenda Wong
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Are we facing these situation?


No worries, 1 sachet a day may help you into these*

Natural way to reduce weight and keeping fit and healthy


Important condition of sales

Not suitable for :
a) By Children under 16 years of age
b) Those suffering from cardiac conditions
c) Not recommend during pregnancy or for nursing mother
d) Limit use to 1 (ONE) sachet per day
  • Precaution: Not for pregnant for breast feeding woman, cardiovascular disease and stroke patient.
  • This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease
  • If there any sensitivity to this product, please consult your health care professional.
  • Consult your physician before starting any weight loss management programme.

*By purchasing the Aussie Green Coffee, you agree that you have read and accepted the important condition of sales.

Benefit of losing weight
•Reducing your risk of developing heart disease
•Reduced risk of having a stroke
•Reduced change of developing diabetes
•Reduced stress on the joints in your knees, hips and back
•Increased self image and improved self esteem
•Increased energy levels
a) 70 mg
b) 250 mg chromium (as chromium dinicotinate Glycinate)
c) 700 mg Proprietary Herbal Blend
d) Green coffee and Grean Tea leaf standardized extract (180 mg antioxidant polyphenols, 90 mg epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), 50 mg naturally occurring caffeine, Asian Panax Ginseng root standardized.)
a) Take one pack a day in the morning 15 minutes before breakfast, with 30ml - 50ml hot water (serve as traditional instant coffee), as an option to taste, can add honey, low fat sugar or skimmed milk to it.
b) Recommended to drink minimum 3-4 litres of water per day. Drinking enough water while using the slimming green coffee will help the slimming process to be more effective.

Contents: 18 sachets in a box of 5g each

Usage: 1 sachet per day. Consume more than one sachet has not been proven to reduce more weight. After desired weight is achieved, reduce consumption gradually to twice or three times a week. Finally to maintain good health and fitness, take green coffee as and when necessary.


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